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Veterans share stories of service at town hall event

By Brianna Borghi, NBC5 – 6:20 PM EDT Jun 27, 2021

MIDDLESEX, Vt. — In Middlesex on Sunday, a town hall brought veterans and community members together to give vets an opportunity to share their experiences while serving our country.

For some veterans, sharing their stories of service can be difficult.

“What I’m trying to work on is the fact that I’ve been very lucky. In many, many ways. And a dear friend of mine in Waitsfield says you’ve got a built-in guardian angel somewhere,” said veteran Art Trezise.

At Camp Meade, veterans who served at any time in any capacity were invited to speak about their experience.

“It’s been important to realize that because I’m capable of violence, that doesn’t make me a violent person,” said David Carlson, a Marine Corps veteran.

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