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Boston Globe VTH article Dec 2022

The Boston Globe: Veterans reach out about their needs, one town at a time

“War is one of the most unique experiences in the world, and it’s an experience that is incredibly hard to understand unless you’ve been there.” Vets Town Halls are intended to help bridge that gap. “It doesn’t matter if you’re liberal or conservative, gay or straight, rich or poor” in combat, Junger said. “And in…

Guardian 11-22 Pengelly

The Guardian: ‘A sacred space’: Sebastian Junger and Seth Moulton on Vets Town Hall

“In this ‘dire time of polarisation’, Junger said, Vets Town Hall might provide ‘kind of a sacred space. I’m an atheist, but I use the word sacred all the time. It’s a sacred space in the sense that ordinary life is suspended and here we are in this place, and we’re honoring something, and we’re…

Vets Town Hall host

VTDigger: Bestselling author Sebastian Junger registers nonprofit for veterans in Vermont

By starting Vets Town Hall, Junger said, he hopes to reinforce the connection between veterans and their communities. “We are of one nation and we’re doing this together, and the people that actually pulled the triggers were sent there by us.” …[Fellow board member Jon] Turner said storytelling plays a central role in veterans’ events…

Boston Globe screenshot

Boston Globe: We need a new narrative for the Afghanistan War

Dan Vallone, a veteran who served in Afghanistan, writes, “We forge new narratives by challenging what we think we know about the war, not with facts, dates, and figures, but with stories: of hardship and lost friends; of triumphs small and profound; and of pride, confusion, anger, and alienation. We can begin by holding town…

Sebastian Junger speaking at SVA 2022

Sebastian Junger at SVA NatCon 2022

“I’m here to tell you now that your country still needs you. And they need you because you have experienced what unity, real unity, feels like.” Sebastian Junger spoke about coming home, community, and the purpose of Vets Town Halls at Student Veterans of America‘s National Conference on January 8, 2022. Listen to Sebastian’s talk…

Cape Cod Times 2021

‘What it’s like to go to war’: Veterans share their stories of service, suffering, levity (Cape Cod Times)

HYANNIS — Tears streamed down Paula Smith’s face as she stood behind a podium, sharing her anguish over leaving her children when she served in Iraq in 2009. “I was so far away from my babies,” she said. “That was one thing I didn’t figure into my preparation for deployment. How would I make up the time that…