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Giving Back: Veterans Town Halls Encourage Sharing and Listening

Mar 12, 2020
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“Each year, I’m floored by the generosity and courage of the speakers at this event, and heartened by seeing so many community members willing to come and listen, with warmth and non-judgment,” wrote Eaton after Sunday’s Town Hall. Marty McMahon, who hosted the St. Johnsbury event, said it opened a conversation between veterans and civilians. “We listened to a wide range of perspectives on service and laid the groundwork for some great community dialogue in St. Johnsbury and the area.”

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Vermont: Veterans share stories and memories with community

Nov 3, 2019
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Local vets shared stories and memories about their time in service at the McCarthy Arts Center at St. Michael’s College in Colchester.

“You know I’ve been out of combat since 2006, and it’s something that I still think about regularly; I think that it’s not every really gonna go away, but your relationship to that moment to that experience is what changes,” said Jon Turner, a veteran who attended the Colchester event.

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