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What is the VTH position on public gatherings during COVID?

We at VTH are acutely aware of both the collective national need to gather to process the aftereffects of war, and also the very real threat that such gatherings pose to the public health.

With that in mind, our recommendations can be found below. However, each organizer must assess the particular needs and risks in their own community and come to a wise decision about whether such gatherings can safely be held before a Covid vaccine has been found.

If you’re hosting a Vets Town Hall in a part of the country that is warm enough to gather outdoors on Veteran’s Day, we strongly recommend outdoor rather than indoor events. We recommend abiding by our own government’s guidelines of wearing masks at all times and maintaining adequate social distance between participants. While planning according to the realities of your community, your number one goal should be to keep people safe.

In colder climates, we at VTH absolutely discourage indoor events that may infect large numbers of people.

Instead, we recommend postponing your event until warmer weather makes an outdoor gathering possible, as outlined above. Although the emotional and psychological needs of veterans – and all Americans – are of paramount importance, those concerns must ultimately be balanced by our duty to protect each other from disease.

For all events, VTH recommends that organizers refer to CDC guidelines and state and local regulations for running any kind of gathering, indoors or out.

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