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About the images on the site

These images were all shot by Sebastian Junger during combat operations with the 173rd Airborne in the infamous Korengal Valley of Eastern Afghanistan. Junger and his colleague, Tim Hetherington, accompanied Battle Company’s 2nd platoon off and on for a year during the deployment of 2007-2008. The images are actually “frame grabs” from Junger’s videocamera and were taken from the material used in the documentary, Restrepo, directed and produced by Junger and Hetherington. Tim Hetherington was tragically killed covering the Libyan civil war in 2011.

If you would like to use these images in any way, please contact us for permission and technical assistance.

You can also view a full-screen slideshow of the images here (this may take a little while to load depending on your internet connection and device/computer).

*Please note some of these images may not appear on the mobile home-page version of the site

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